Clinical Trials

Committed to Advancing Treatment

Better screening and improved treatment options are two major reasons for the decline in breast cancer-related deaths. In fact, statistics show that breast cancer rates have declined significantly in the past 10 years, especially for women younger than 50.

Clinical trials are vital to help further improve breast cancer treatment and screening, which will save more lives. Now more than ever, women today are living longer with breast cancer.

Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

  • Gives you access to new, leading-edge treatments before they are widely available.
  • Offers you a sense of empowerment in your battle against breast cancer.
  • Allows you to contribute to important research that can greatly improve the outlook of breast cancer survival for women all over the world.

There are a number of pioneering studies available at Advocate for women with breast cancer. These research activities, combined with the latest technology and expertise, allow us to provide our patients with alternatives to standard therapy and additional choices for their care.

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