Size Matters (always wondered, never asked)

Why are my breasts different sizes?

Having different-sized breasts is normal. Some experts suggest that up to 90%of women have uneven breasts. In some cases the size difference is subtle and, for some women, breasts can be a whole cup size apart.

Typically most teenage girls first notice the difference in their breast size when they begin puberty. For some women the difference in asymmetry evens out with age, usually around age 20. But for many women, their breasts can remain different sizes. Either way, it’s normal.

Breastfeeding can also cause your breasts to change. Often, one breast will return to its pre-pregnancy size, while the other stays larger.

While uneven breasts are completely natural, a sudden and substantial change in the size of one breast may signal a problem. So give your doctor a call and make an appointment to get it checked out.

Are those “I-must” exercises really going to increase my bust?

There are no exercises, supplements or diets that will magically increase the size of your breasts. The size of your breasts is determined partially by your genetics.

The only way to significantly boost your bust line is through plastic surgery. And, experts agree you should wait until your breasts are fully developed before even considering breast implants.

How can I decrease the size of my breasts?

For some women, having larger breasts can lead to physical problems including back and neck pain, headaches and shortness of breath. While supportive, well-fitting bras or physical therapy may help, breast reduction surgery is typically the most effective way to overcome the pain of large breasts. Additionally, weight loss is shown to decrease the size of your breasts, particularly in older women.