Throwing a Mammogram Party

Mammogram parties, also called “mamm parties,” are gaining popularity across the country. These intimate gatherings make getting a mammogram less intimidating by bringing women together to connect and partner with each other to schedule mammograms as a group.

There are no hard and fast rules to how to throw a mammogram party. Consider gathering for appetizers and socializing before everyone heads over to have a mammogram done or visiting a spa or salon afterward to celebrate with a massage or getting your nails done. What’s most important is the camaraderie and support around the event and how it encourages women to actively participate in your own breast health.

Why do it?

It’s a great way to support your friends and have some fun while taking time out to care for yourself.

Where to start?

Contact your mammogram facility to find out if they allow mammogram parties or set up a party in your home with friends and loved ones.